The boy who lived!

Much like an orator clears his throat to start off his lengthy greetings, with the more important items scheduled for later in his speech, I feel that a ‘note on the author’ needs to be delivered before I start littering the internet with my musings, opinions and far-fetched insights.

Starting a blog has always been a goal of mine.  In my sapling state, I believed that I had thoughts that the world needed to hear and mull over.  I needed to get my opinion out there because somewhere, someone would need it urgently as a blue print for their own existence.  This, thankfully, has changed.  I now find my aspirations and Instincts to be a little more Basic (#moviedrop intended).  I am rather seeking an outlet for my thoughts that allows for consumption and contribution in the hopes that it will further contribute to the package.

Validation is not something I have always searched for, but it definitely is something that burrows a tiny hole into your existence.  It is only through interactions with others that a beam of light is cast on that most dark of habitats.  The end goal being the eradication of the fungus which will temporarily represent a ‘personality’.  Having said that, I don’t believe that what I have to say or that what I think is at all correct or reflective of even one other personalities ideals.  I rather think that it’s a great conversation starter and playing Devil’s Advocate (#moviedrop) is a role I take quite seriously.

So, should the need take you, comment away!  Add your insights and allow this portal to do what it needs to do, encourage thought.  Those thoughts can be as whimsical, fictitious, critical and corrective as they need to be.  Articulate them if the words find you.

Just one final word on the name.  As one with a name that is not as popular as I would like it to be (considering how many times I need to spell it out over terrible phone connections, Foxtrot, London, etc.) and a personality that hardly considers itself tamable, a few muggles have taken to making my nickname a little longer than the original.  I hope that this was done in a exercise to further understand the legend behind the name, alas probably not.  Perhaps any readers out there will be able to unpack parts of me and maybe give me a little perspective on what #flynnigen means.  Challenge accepted?

“omelette du fromage”


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