About #flynnigen

I wish to think of myself as a hopeless romantic stuck in a world where the present and future is disregarded for a fleeting moment of earthly pleasure – in other words, I am a narcissistic 20-something who thinks that people care what he ponders to be cool.  I very badly want to articulate all of the very many things I know influence others lives as much as they do mine.  So from food to fun, music to movies and politics to pageantry, lets ‘flynn’ it up!



2 thoughts on “About #flynnigen

  1. Well done on getting your blog up and running 😊 it looks like you’re on a roll, with the thoughts and insights literally tumbling out. I can’t say that I get all the allusions and analogies – some of them seem pretty cryptic and personal – but maybe that’s just me. I imagine the next step is to figure out how to reach a wider audience; although using a blog as a forum for the exploration and articulation of your ideas for your own catharsis and the development of your own direction is completely valid.


    • Thank you Patrick! I have really only been able to process everything you have mentioned in your comment now. I would really like to meet up and discuss the points you raised. Particularly, reaching a wider audience. xfx


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